A second iteration of a novel musical instrument, redesigned for display at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival's Kids DigiPlaySpace

A brand new musical instrument, designed and built as a senior design project in collaboration with David Glanzman


DIY Kaleidoscope Kits

For my girlfriend's birthday this year, we made laser-cut DIY kaleidoscope kits as a craft for the party-goers. They turned out really well! The basic idea is 3 long strips of mirrored acrylic held together in a prism by some end-caps. The eye piece + mirror assembly slides into a plastic sheath, and at the end there's a cap where you can put color beads.

In retrospect, it'd be better if the viewing hole lined up with a corner of the triangle rather than the center - that way the geometry would reflect around a point of the triangle and line up better. Learned something for next time!

Laser-cut Acrylic Shelves

On our way back from a Memorial Day road trip, my girlfriend and I had the idea to laser cut some shelves out of transparent acrylic with shapes inspired by crystals and raw minerals.

Guitar Pedals: RC Booster

These are both knock offs of the RC Booster pedal - I didn't have pre-made circuit boards for these, I just found a schematic online and build it from scratch. I'm not quite finished with these yet, I have to do a cool paint job on the front, and I think I accidentally ripped off some of the copper pads on my stripboard in one of them, so I have to fix that... but soon!

Guitar Pedals: Chorus + Distortion

These pedals came as kits from Build Your Own Clone - the red one is an analog chorus pedal and the blue one is a distortion pedal. I did the powder-coat, assembly, and custom painting myself (the enclosures came pre-drilled and had printed circuit boards with a bag of the proper components).

Band Merch

My girlfriend Maggie is in an awesome band called The Total Bettys. We've been screen printing patches and t-shirts at the TechShop (original art by lead guitarist Reese Grey, modeling by drummer Chris Nolasco).

That third shot is Maggie helping prepare the silkscreen for the t-shirts - we're using a vinyl mask to define the design as opposed to an emulsion (they don't have that kinda gear at the techshop). The vinyl goes on the underside of the silkscreen, so the whole sticker has to be backwards.

School Desk Side Table

After buying an old school desk off craigslist, I sandblasted the black finish off all the metal parts, then applied a shiny white powder coat finish. Now we have a sleek side table with storage for remotes and lingering middle school angst.

Laser-Cut Bookmarks for the UX Book Club

I started a UX Book Club at work to get the whole team involved in learning and thinking about our craft and how we want to grow as designers. As a holiday thanks-for-participating gift, I bought a bunch of fancy paper from FLAX and laser cut it into mix-and-match 3-layer book marks! With 6 sheets of paper and 3 layers, there wound up being 120 unique combinations (though I only produced about 40 book marks)!

Turbocharged Prism Light

I bought a spinning light toy at Urban Outfitters but was disappointed with the simple light effects. I used an Adafruit Trinket I had lying around an a NeoPixel Ring to turn it into a much more interesting aura-borealis-esque animated display.

(first image from Urban Outfitters website)